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Using Clay Masks As Part Of Your Beauty Routine For Healthier Skin


After using one of my clay masks you will feel your face tighten as the clay dries it soaks up the skins natural oils and anything clogging the pores and draws it to the surface resulting in clearer and healthier more radiant glowing skin

MARY QUINN 09-08-2020

Clay is often used to pull out impurities from inside pores. Health benefits include healing of allergic skin reactions and ease sunburn. Clay will also boost elasticity and balance oil production. I will show how my do-it-yourself clay masks are a benefit for your facial and hair care.

Mention of the use of clay for topical healing and medicine is historical, as far back as ancient Rome. Mammals often use mud, soil and clay to protect themselves from sun exposure. Bothered less by bugs and other irritation, their skin stays healthy.

Skin absorbs a wide range of toxins and environmental pollutants, all unhealthy. Many of us suffer from skin complaints because of everyday stresses. Most of these imbalances come down to three primary causes:

  • inflammation

  • bacterial infection, or an imbalance of sebum oil

  • toxicity

With the use of clay, issues arising from those three areas will clear up over time.

The Clay used in the Masks

There are all kinds of different clay from all around the world. The clays I have grown accustomed to over the years, and have experience of using are:

  • bentonite

  • rhassoul

  • kaolin

  • fuller's earth

Fuller's Earth ―Multani Mitti― has many uses. In particular for skin whitening, why it is often referred to as bleaching clay.

I care to try the French and Morocco clays, with charcoal and seaweed at the moment. For the valuation of benefits for now.

  • metal containers and spoons lessen a clay's efficacy, use wooden utensils instead

The importance of Exfoliating

You may ask yourself why do I need a mask at all? You want the best complexion for your skin. For your health and self-confidence, be more attractive?

You must exfoliate and make it part of a regular care routine. There are many rewards of exfoliating. Not only the facial area but whole body exfoliating, you strengthen your skin.

From the mixing of your favourite do-it-yourself mask to the tactile application. Feeling the mask work on your pores, boosts your positive mindfulness. You are in control.

Fuller's Earth naturally straightens your hair, pulls out dirt and oil leaving a clean, clear healthy scalp
Use to cleanse facial skin resulting in the reduction of skin problems from Acne, Eczema to name a few. With improved skin health, pores are clear and reduced breakouts are possible. Shop this product.

I created three different dry-powdered do-it-yourself masks. Each aimed at targeted results for the most common skin types. Before I delve into each of my DIY clay masks, let's look at the benefits of each clay in turn first.

Bentonite Clay

Known to be one of the most effective and powerful healing clays. When Bentonite comes into contact with water or another liquid, it swells up. This increase in size makes it act like a sponge soaking up all manner of impurities. Dirt and grease, sebum lingering on the surface, and below the surface, of your skin is soon absorbed by the clay.

Bentonite tends to be more absorbent than other clays. You may find that you need a little more liquid than you first imagined.

What makes clay do what it can.. and so well?

In a natural state, clay possesses negatively charged molecules. Whereas most toxins, heavy metals and bacteria will have positively charged molecules.

What happens is the two molecules will attract each other, binding together. When you wash off the clay, you then succeed in removing these toxins from your skin. This is a complete detox of your body.

Clay has a small electrical charge. Impurities found on, and under your skin are "discharged" ―lifted off― by the clay. This is the tingling sensation you feel with a clay-based mask.

Because of this sensation, many women feel disillusionment by this self-care treatment. Don't give up.

Bentonite comes with the strongest possible ability to detoxify the skin:

  • absorb and draw out impurities from the skin

  • counter bacterial infections

  • promote incredible blood circulation

An increase in blood circulation results in a "glowing radiance" you often hear about.

Heavy metals such as Mercury, Cadmium, Lead, and Benzene bind to Bentonite clay very well. This action removes all the pollutants your skin absorbs daily, when you rinse the mask off.

Pay close attention to the misuse of Bentonite. It is powerful and may irritate those with sensitive skin conditions. Your experience and enjoyment will improve with the use of Kaolin clay instead.


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Rhassoul Clay

Consider how negatively charged Rhassoul clay can be. The perfect magnet for attracting the usual suspects:

  • heavy metals

  • natural sebum oil, metabolised foodstuffs1

  • bacteria, from an infection such as Acne

  • drawing out impurities, think spots

Not as drying of skin like Bentonite can be, makes Rhassoul an excellent choice for oily skin. Reach for Rhassoul for over-productive sebum skin conditions.

Rhassoul mixes well with filtered water, smooth and creamy and very easy to spread on the skin. This high-quality clay has high levels of essential elements:

  • silica

  • magnesium

  • calcium

  • iron

  • sodium

  • potassium

When Silica is abundant in your body, it supports healthy, strong connective tissues. Silica also happens to make your skin very soft and smooth. Yet most of us don't get enough of this trace mineral from their diet.

By using a clay mask, you can get more Silica into your body by absorption through your skin. Remove dead skin cells, bacteria and debris. But you will also give your skin the crucial nutrients it needs to glow.

Never use tap water for mixing up a clay mask.

Kaolin Clay

White Kaolin is the gentlest of all the clay I use, best for sensitive skin. Yet, it does not have the same potent powerful capabilities as Bentonite.

With Kaolin clay, you have options. From white and yellow clay, to pink and red, as the hues deepen so the ability to absorb toxins improves.

Use red Kaolin clay for the best performance for skin brightening, but use with caution. Not all sensitive skin conditions will accept this clay. Do a patch test first because settling on a non-white Kaolin clay.

Seven Reasons to exfoliate with Clay

  • clay masks work as a natural antibiotic correcting the cause of infections such as Acne and Eczema2 3 4

  • clay eliminates any pollutant, nanoparticle, heavy metal, and impurity, from your body

  • pores shrink is size, collagen production continues, skin is more elastic and tighter

  • clay soaks up excess oil, Acne, blackheads, whiteheads and skin blemishes disappear

  • smaller pores improves skin tone and health, radiance comes from increased blood flow

  • increasing blood circulation, clay promotes collagen synthesis, and regeneration of new cells

  • clay removes toxic substances, the cause of skin irritation and infection, chronic disease5 6

Fuller's Earth Clay

Like Rhassoul in characteristics, this clay may prove to be too strong for sensitive skin. If you do try, and feel the tingling sensation is too much, wash off immediately. Because Fuller's Earth can be drying for sensitive skin.

I would say to rinse off whilst still tacky to the touch before it dries out and sets.

Being rich in Magnesium Chloride, Fuller's has a cooling effect on the skin. It helps soothe sunburn, insect bites, rashes and skin inflammation. After being out in the sun for too long, Fuller's is able to gently exfoliate your skin for clarity.

Dark spots on the skin, hyperpigmentation and Acne scars are treatable too.

The DIY ritual of powdered Masks

Enjoy the satisfaction of preparing your product, made at home. If it only means adding water, it allows you to slow down and relax. Take time out doing something worthwhile for your health.

This ritual women have enjoyed performing for thousands of years. There must be a lot of pleasure from this, you'd think so?

You can use my masks as they are, add filtered water or how about Lemon juice? Honey or even an egg will do. You can further "boost" or "power up" my masks with extra nutrients. Almost any household item, such as Oatmeal or fresh pulped fruit, they're suitable.

Restoring Kaolin Clay Facial Mask For Dry Skin Conditions With Buttermilk 100g

For dry, normal and sensitive skin types for best results.

The Banana7 and Honey extract hydrate and moisturise your skin ensuring it is softer. Honey also fights spot-causing bacteria.8 Buttermilk extract has incredible skin and hair benefits, far too many to list here.

The inclusion of Yogurt because of Lactose being a beautiful exfoliant and non-irritating. Results are you have a glowing radiance for your enhanced mood and confidence.

Boosting this Mask

You can mix and prepare this mask using filtered water, milk, or cold-pressed carrier oil. And "boost" with:

  • half a mashed banana with a tablespoon of Honey

  • a tablespoon of honey with a teaspoon of ground Oatmeal

  • a teaspoon of Bicarbonate Soda9 with crushed Grapes

Caution: I can't recommend you use essential oils in a dry mask but you may have read you can elsewhere. As always, trial first with a patch test.

Detoxing Fullers Earth Clay Facial Mask For Damaged Troubled Skin Conditions With Mango 100g

For sun-damaged skin and aged skin types for best results.

Raspberry10 is an incredible powerhouse. The impact on the health of your skin, from the minimising of fine lines to diminishing dark spots.. be amazed.

Mango extract, jam-packed with vitamin C and Magnesium. An astringent Mango works to reduce levels of sebum oil and inflammation caused by Acne.

Those of you who love the great outdoors, you want something to protect you against UV radiation. The humble Raspberry is a driving force for change in skincare treatments. Exfoliate one time per week with this mask for the healthiest skin.

Boosting this Mask

Prepare with your favourite carrier oil, a tablespoon per application would suffice. Then "boost" the mask with:

  • mashed Raspberries with Blueberries, a powerful antioxidant

  • half a crushed ripe Avocado with a tablespoon of organic Aloe Vera11 juice

  • mashed Mango with a teaspoon of pressed Lemon juice, or shredded peel

Each 100g jar provides you at least 8 servings. That's enough to keep you going between 4 and 6 weeks of improved skin health.

Purifying Rhassoul Clay Facial Mask For Oily Skin Conditions With Mango 100g

For normal, aged skin to oily skin types for best results.

This mask has the as mentioned Honey, Yogurt and Mango extracts. The Apricot extract, is an antioxidant with high percentage of vitamin E Tocopherols.

Apricot kernel oil, cold-pressed and unrefined has huge benefits for aged, mature skin. Extracts are no lesser in power or ability.

Rhassoul clay is excellent for oily skin, but also for treating mature skin as well. If you are in the 50+ age group, introduce this mask into your care routine.

Boosting this Mask

Use a tablespoon of Rose hydrosol rather than water, or strengthen the mask with:

  • a tablespoon of Coconut milk with a tablespoon of Honey

  • mashed Blueberries, with a teaspoon of Olive oil and a tablespoon of Witch Hazel

  • less than a teaspoon of turmeric, with a half a mashed banana and a teaspoon of Apricot kernel oil

Only prepare a face mask when you want to use it there and then. Use the mixture all at once, disposing of anything left over. The mask will spoil soon after reacting with your choice of liquid, so apply immediately.

Help! Is it.. cleanser, toner and mask or cleanser, mask and then toner..?

Depends. Typically the order would be:

  • cleanser

  • toner

  • mask

  • moisturiser

In the case of a sheet mask, because you want the nutrients to absorb first. But, if you are using a clay mask, then the order must change:

  • cleanser

  • mask

  • toner

  • moisturiser

Always remember to tone, daily without failure. By doing so, you close pores and cut any bacteria or impurities left behind after cleansing. And your toner should be alcohol-free, for balancing your skins own pH level.

Caring for the skin as we Age

As we age, the skin starts losing Collagen and Elastin. Both are responsible for tight, small pores and a beautiful complexion. The skin will sag because our pores drift around to a more droopy, teardrop shape.

As an astringent, clay adds strength and firmness to pores. Reducing their size helps restore a circular appearance, minimising signs of sagging.












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