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Mary Jean® strives to craft the best natural essential oil fragranced candles with uncompromising quality, innovation and artistry. Our crafting and blending process is thoughtful and comprehensive. Mary and Elizabeth find their inspiration for the blendings from their travels around the Speyside woods and lochs and the Moray coast.

Mother and daughter mix and master their fragrances, using the finest raw materials, premium ingredients, and oils. Obsessed with the details they're always creating, recreating and tweaking the fragrances and blends until the very best experience has been achieved. The process often takes months, but the end result is so worth it.

This passion for perfection and the best mood enhancing experience led them to a true candle innovation with their new range of tropical island fragrances. These unique fragrances are vibrant and uplifting and often a reminder of a far flung paradise getaway.

Why shop the Mary Jean range...

  • Mary Jean strives to craft quality and clean allergy free candles

  • electing to use planet friendly cotton wicks for clean burning

  • made with sustainable soy and rapeseed wax, paraffin and palm free

  • thorough and lengthy process for the best ideal natural fragrance

  • plastic free packaging, you are encouraged to reuse the container

Canary Islands Paradise Islands Travel Candle

A hotspot destination for those holidaying outdoors, sun, sea and sand welcome you. Beautiful Tropical Atlantic beaches for sports lovers, paragliding and scuba diving.

This invigorating uplifting fragrance grabs you with Lime and Lemongrass essential oils. Blended with the Rosemary and Eucalyptus, this minty yet herbal aroma plays nicely to the alluring Ylang Ylang.

Reminiscent of the sea breeze walking along the shore, this product is 100% natural and free from allergens.

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Maldives Paradise Islands Travel Candle

Discover this amazing paradise once the most celebrated tropical island retreat. This unique fragrance from the finest essential oils of Lavender and Peppermint lifting your senses to a new sea breeze high.

Rosemary florals offering herbal notes adding to this refreshing cooling mint sensation.

As you island hop your way through your holiday, enjoy this aroma of the Ocean Air welcoming in your evening relaxation. This product is 100% natural and free from allergens.

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Bali, Indonesia Paradise Islands Travel Candle

Known as the Land of the Gods. Indonesia is the Tropics of Oceania. Perfect beauty of the towering volcanoes, lush peace and serenity, Bali greets you.

Dramatic on ceremony and the excitement of the nights.

This warm fragrance of Amyris and Ylang Ylang essential oils mixed with the Cedarwood and Patchouli is an oriental bliss. Toning down the powerful Cedarwood is Cajeput and Grapefruit for the citrus rush. This product is 100% natural and free from allergens.

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Bora Bora Paradise Islands Travel Candle

The emerald jewel of the Pacific. The ultimate setting for romance and honeymoon couples. Bora Bora with it's volcanic nature surrounded by coral and white sands.

A citrus fragrance of Lime and Grapefruit and Orange essential oils captures the holiday Sunset Chaser moment perfectly.

Lemongrass and Lavender contribute a restoring balance over the citrus finished by the cool refreshing Peppermint. This product is 100% natural and free from allergens.

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Therapeutic powers of Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang was one of the first essential oils that I ever bought on my discovery of aromatherapy. I couldn't resist its alluring aroma then and even now I'm still captivated.

Ylang Ylang is generally found in quality perfumes. The essential oil is well accepted for being helpful with stress and anxiety, often can help with improving happiness. Ylang Ylang is also considered an aphrodisiac.


Fresh, minty and quite strong in aroma, Peppermint is a favourite for any holiday season, popular all year round in fact. Intense, this essential oil contains menthol, resulting in a cooling sensation for your wellbeing.

Peppermint will help in a really big way to ease tension headaches, aches and pains. You will find our tropical candles blended with Peppermint a good choice for stimulating stamina and alertness.

Considered an aphrodisiac, like Ylang Ylang.


Fresh and uplifting, characteristically fruity in aroma Cajeput is closely related to Tea Tree. A must have essential oil choice during the cold and flu season, known to ease a sore throat and sinusitis. This essential oil therapeutically is used for asthma, coughs and bronchitis remedies.


This is a very fresh and energising cheerful aroma, it will purify and clear out your emotional troubles. Citrus all round but with a fruity potency.

Therapeutically, will ease cold and flu symptoms including asthma to some degree.

About the Candles

Each candle is handmade in batches of 12 using sustainable renewable Soy and Rapeseed wax from the UK. At Mary Jean® we do not use cheaper inferior imported wax with questionable origins. The Amazon rainforest is far away but we still worry about the impact from Soy plantations.

Each candle uses a minimum of 9% essential oils; we cannot use more because the wax and wick will not burn properly. The percentage used provides you a nice fragrance to fill a medium sized room without being overly powering.

Pure aromapherapy grade essential oils are used. We refuse to use heavy industrial artificial fragrance that is toxic not only for you but also for the environment and water table. And there is no paraffin of palm wax found in our candles.

As a family owned business we follow our own ethical values and that is clear to see with our product range.

5 Ideas how you can reuse your candle and help reduce waste

Spending more time at home because of the Coronavirus restrictions we've all been buying more candles online. The candles bring something new to your home as each one is very individual and exciting even as you light the wick for the first time.

But what to do with all of these empty candle jars and tins? Rather than throw them out you can reuse them for many things.

  1. use the tin as a small planting pot remember to pierce a hole in the bottom

  2. use to hold cotton buds or even pencils and pens

  3. use to store grains and food stuffs enclosed with lid

  4. turn the tin into a mini savings pot for coins

  5. use for oven use cooking pies and stews

We can’t wait to see how you'll repurpose your empty candle jars. Share with us how you are repurposing your candle containers by tagging us on social media and tell us how you are doing your part to reuse and reduce.

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