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The soap from Mary Jean® is 100% natural, organic and a vegan product. It contains olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil and castor oil among others. Produced by a small family business in the Scottish Highlands. Handmade only in small batches, to ensure the highest quality of the product. Crafted by a traditional cold method and cured on the open air for at least 4 weeks.

Thanks to the natural and safe formulations the soap made using aromatherapy essential oils is recommended for sensitive, problematic, prone to acne and other skin types and conditions.

  • super charge your skin with ingredients for healthy renewed skin

  • brimming with exfoliting oats to thoroughly cleanse your pores results in glowing skin

  • cold-pressed botanical oils rich in many nutrients and vitamins protect against skin oxidation

  • healthier immediate results with tighter pores and uniform skin tone healed and repaired

  • small business with family ethics and values a product made in the UK

Why Choose to use Solid Soap compared to Liquid Soap and Shampoo?

Solid soap is a classic and has inspired solid formulations of a variety of toiletries. There is a solid soap bar for everything: hand and face, body and hair.

Solid travel toiletries are just as effective as their liquid counterparts. And they have the bonus of being:

Plastic Free

Liquid toiletries come in plastic bottles. The vast majority of which end up in landfills unless actively recycled by you the consumer. Assuming that such facilities exist wherever you finish the bottle.

Our solid soap toiletries come in biodegradable paper wrapping and a card sleeve. When not in use you can keep them with your luggage on the move. After use keep the soap on a wooden soap dish to air dry before wrapping up in tissue.

Less Product is Wasted

With a plastic bottle it is difficult to use the entire contents. You must put water in the bottle and swirl around in an attempt to use it all. And pouring from a bottle can often lead to the soap being washed off your skin too quickly.

A bar design versus a liquid product has far less waste. Because all of the product can be applied directly by rubbing versus a liquid product that is squeezed or poured. Inevitably, some of the liquid soap or shampoo is washed away too soon.

Longer Lasting

The average soap-bar-sized solid toiletry bar can last as long as a bottle of the same like-for-like soap. If you typically go through one shampoo bottle a month, you’ll only go through one bar of soap (when cared for properly).

Liquid toiletries cosmetic bases consist of a large proportion of water or surfactant with very little concentrated ingredient benefiting your health and beauty.

Enjoy up to 25% off our travel sized soap bars at a time when you are thinking about a weekend break or an annual staycation. As a special bonus this summer if you buy any 4 bars of the 60g soap we'll give you an extra one.

We are positive you will be delighted with the quality and texture of the soap but also the size. Easy to tuck away in your luggage or backpack if you are camping wild the soap is very convenient to have with you.

100% natural and bio-degradable you are enjoying your break knowing your purchasing choice is environentally friendly and non toxic to wildlife.

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Real benefits for you and your family and planet friendly

  • 1. plastic free and vegan friendly$ sustainably handmade in the United Kingdom from cold-pressed oils

  • 2. soap without Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and salt and alcohol and Tricolosan and free from Tetrasodium EDTA

  • 3. made from certified organic carrier oils and certified RSPO palm oil from a cruelty free supply chain

The subtle smell quite simply makes you close your eyes and smile. Perfect for everyday use with a luxurious touch. Pure organic soap made with the finest natural ingredients and totally free from inferior additives often found in commercial branded soap.

For the best treatment of your skin we use luxurious oils and fats such as Olive and Avocado and Apricot. Often Apricot kernel oil is found in high-end creams because of the expense. We put 30% by weight of Apricot in our Frankincense soap bar. No expense is spared for the health of your skin.1 2

Our Goat's milk soap bar is amazing and set apart from many imitations. Because we put in equal amounts of 10% Cocoa and Mango for superb moisturisation and skin repair. Conditions such as eczema and psoriasis are treated immediately.

The best care for your skin

Discover which oil works best for your skin type

Big on Glycerin.

Real soap does not dry out skin. Real soap is free from cheap additives. Free from irritants.

Health of your skin improves after using real soap. Made by hand.. slowly, for your comfort.



$ Honey is classified as a natural animal by-product produced by bees and is not suitable for vegans or vegetarians

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