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Tree's lose their leaves their time to hibernate for a coming winter as we celebrate Halloween and a country harvest with this natural candle Natural Home Seasons Autumn Fragrance Hand Poured Small Luxury Soy Candle

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Dispatched 23/01/2021, arrives by 27/01/2021.


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Does this candle have a strong fragrance throw?

You should feel a strong but not overpowering scent throw. We use a reasonably high percentage of aromatherapy essential oils in our entire candle range.

For a bedside or dressing table you will find this candle ideal for enhancing lifestyle and mood. Many customers may also use a small votive candle to fragrance an often forgotten about cupboard.

I have allergies against fragrance, is this suitable?

Because there is no mineral oil ― Paraffix wax ― at all in our eco-friendly vegetable derived waxes you'll find life in your home is enhanced by your choice of home fragrance from Mary Jean®.

All our fragrance comes from aromatherapy grade essential oils only. We deplore the use of heavy industrial fragrance which isn't only allergenic but often very toxic to humans, animals and the environment.

Our home fragrance is all natural and the scent isn't so powerful to annoy or irritate you or guests enjoyment.

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