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Men's Grooming: Luxury Handmade Soap For Shaving, Body And Hair Care Buying Guide


Best choice male grooming ― handmade soap for face and body, shaving and hair care Mary Jean® offers the best luxury skin care created expertly with natural organic ingredients for best health and wellbeing benefits

MARY QUINN 10-04-2020

Review the benefits of our organic Scottish handmade soaps our buying guide points out what works best for men and their grooming needs natural skin care that simply works

The products focus on premium ingredients, unique fragrance, and best possible quality and guarantee. These individual formulations expertly created by Mary Jean® results in a slick lather with notable richness you'll enjoy.

The natural conditioners of this soap will leave your skin smooth and nourished, hair clean with a healthier sheen.

Natural, environmentally conscious, exceptional lather, fantastic aroma, the soap have been developed through meticulous effort and extensive trial by my friends and family.


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Why a traditional solid bar of soap?

Buy yourself a good solid bar of soap. Reduce your plastic, ditch harmful chemicals and discover a long-lasting product which will leave your skin feeling fabulous and smelling good too.

Foaming up into a lather and cleansing your skin thoroughly by cutting through dirt and grease, the soap improves your skin's complexion and health.

The soap is handmade retaining the 25% Glycerin which is the result of a chemical reaction between lye and fat ― vegetable carrier oils and fruit seed butter. A key component of soap for healhier skin is Glycerin, as an humectant, ensures your skin is moist for longer.

Without further a-do let's get stuck in.

Hand, Face and Body Soap

Let's look at the soap for dry and sensitive skin first followed by the soap for oily skin. And finally the soap for those of you with problem related skin.

Generally speaking, all the soap made by us is good for every skin type and condition including sensitive. It is just that one soap has been formulated to better than another for a skin type or condition.

There are no chemical compounds or cheap inferior fillers in the soap to cause you irritation, clogging your pores resulting in breakouts and redness. No silicate, no salt and no surfactants.

All good then, sure bet we are about the best care for your skin.

Gentlest Soap for Dry and Sensitive Skin

Looking at the fragrance ― essential oil ― free soap first, I have two soaps in mind that'll please you with sensitive, dry skin formulations safe as a cleansing face wash.

Both are lightly exfoliating, excellent for polishing and renewing your skin. Either the Goat's Milk soap or the anti-bacterial Honey & Oatmeal soap for Psoriasis will answer your skincare wishes.

Having dry skin you need moisturising and cleansing that'll not further dry out your skin.

If you are not careful you could face Acne breakouts, Eczema also comes to mind. These two offerings for you will exfoliate your skin, washing away dead skin cells and dirt, other debris allowing your skin to breathe.

Which ever way you go, the one with Honey will lock in moisture preventing premature drying. With Rapeseed oil as a key ingredient, this oil prevents further cell damage, irritation and redness ― great if your skin is recovering from cellular damage previously.

Goat's Milk is an excellent treatment for already damaged skin, but is recommended for dry and sensitive skin because it'll prevent worsening skin health.

For sensitive skin especially so, vitamin E is a must have antioxidant. The Sunflower oil found in the formulation, the Goat's Milk soap has high levels of Tocopherol protecting skin against environmental and pollution damage.

Best care from additional moisturisation. The combination of Cocoa and Mango boasts of greater protection, reduces fine lines and wrinkles improving appearance. Mango seed butter will also ease itching and stinging sensations.

The Honey & Oatmeal soap will polish and renew skin cells, removes impurities keeping your skin free of infection and glowing. Retain moisture for longer minimising potential of drying of skin means your skin stays healthier and trouble free. This unique formulation using certified RSPO Palm oil this soap reduces bacterial build up the cause of infection such as Acne and Psoriasis.

On the other hand the Goat's milk soap will also polish and renew skin cells, but will also work to prevent Acne, Eczema prone skin infection. As with any formulation that uses fully plant based cold-pressed oils, skin plumping and reduction of fine lines can happen.

As much as possible look for fragrance free soap for healing dry, sensitive conditions.

This is true for you even without any known allergies. There is soap marketed to manage dry sensitive skin, strong industrial based fragrance and dyes commonly known to irritate and worsen even the toughest of skin.

Conditioning Soap for Oily Skin

For oily skin conditions you are looking for a soap bar that has antifungal or antibacterial/antimicrobial capabilities, reducing the possibility of infection (breakouts caused by blocked pores), yet also controlling sebum oil production.

I'll suggest two soap bars from the range for you.

The facial cleansing soap may appear to be a dud for you but the Aloe Vera gel and Jojoba will improve your condition. One ingredient hydrates and the other purifies. The fragrance is light, almost unnoticeable and unisex as well.

1. Bergamot & Patchouli soap with Avocado

Created to balance and protect your skin preventing common problems arising. A citrusy fragrance of Bergamot blends well with oriental Patchouli essential oils. The Bergamot aims to balance your skin's sebum oil, with the Patchouli easing blemishes, improving the health of your skin.

Vitamin rich in A, E and K our certified RSPO Palm oil ensures your skin doesn't prematurely age you enjoy fewer fine lines. Hydrates skin and with so much vitamin power, any skin issues are quickly addressed. Softens your skin, Cocoa protects it from harmful environment sun and weather damage, pollution. Keeps your appearance youthful looking, healthier and moisturised.

Avocado oil can promote collagen production and cell binding improving skin elasticity. Inhibits skin infection from bacteria, the cause of Acne.Try this rejuvenating bar of Avocado soap for improving overall health of your skin. Avocado has high levels of vitamin C increases collagen, promotes renewed cell regeneration.

2. Chamomile & Lavender Facial Cleansing soap with Jojoba

This soap is perfect for cleansing your face removing all sign of dirt and sweat. The Jojoba oil balances your skin improving your skin's own sebum oil levels. The Chamomile soothes irritable and inflammed troubled skin, your complexion is more radiant.

Removes bacteria from the skin which is beneficial when the skin is creating too much oil. Olive oil has as a percentage of vitamin A which helps to balance the skin and its oil production. Coconut inhibits dehydration and skin problems before they happen, Coconut oil maintains your skin's health for longer periods improving appearance.

Almost identical to skin's natural sebum oil, Jojoba is suitable for all skin types. Essentially for addressing your oily skin problem Jojoba is a best choice to control, manage and resource normal skin functions.

Treating Problem & Damaged Skin

You've got Acne. In a big way, or you've Eczema or Psoriasis. And it keeps coming back despite your better efforts to be rid of it, right?

Problem skin such as these conditions arise from dryness of skin. Your own skins natural sebum has been stripped away leaving your skin weak and defenceless. Of course you're going to have trouble.

Let's look at what can be done for you, there's three soaps in particular I'm interested in recommending to you.

Our Lavender soap bar is general purpose all round "good guy" for all the family young and old. Reasonable for all skin types but one of my best choices for problem related skin conditions because with Olive and Cocoa together you can forget about your skin drying out.

The Soya oil tones the skin, really well. The essential oil also boosts circulation which can't be a bad thing.

One down, two to go.

The next recommendation I would say is for those of you with a little more maturity in your years. Because of a) the Frankincense and b) the Apricot oil both beneficial for mature skin. This soap formulation will have the same result for younger skin, as well.

Best oils to address environmental damage from sun and wind, pollution and diet. Frankincense has a really good aromatic wood, spicy scent and fruity let's not forget ― many women buy this soap for their other half, problem skin or not.

The opposite of Frankincense I'm betting on Myrrh for those of you who enjoy the great outdoors and wilderness.

Why? The star of this soap must be the Rapeseed and Safflower combination for repairing cell damage. Both of these oil are strongly antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, great for relief of annoying pain from itchy skin.

Safflower is a really nice oil for damaged skin, sadly often overlooked. It is light and absorbs easily, does not clog pores and increases the elasticity of skin.

If you spend your weekends on a mountain bike driving through heavy woodlands, you'll be back for a few more of my Myrrh bars.

Ditching your Shaving Gel

Are you comfortable using something squirted out of a cold can? Time to man up and switch to something more natural and healthier.

If you are not curious about it thus far then you really should take a look because a shaving soap is your ticket to clean, more robust skin.

Shaving soap is probably the only real soap in your house. Unless of course your soap is hand made by a premium soap manufacturer, the odds are what you use to wash your body with, and wet shave your face simply isn't soap.

That's because most skincare products thought to be soaps are actually detergents. There is a chemical difference between real soap and a surfactant detergent.

True soap is made from natural ingredients like:

  • Glycerin

  • essential oils

  • clays

  • vegetable oil and fat

  • natural exfoliants

Detergents are synthetic surfactants ― foam generating agents, the nasty SLS's of the world ― made from chemicals, possibly petroleum derived.

Real soap retains moisture in your skin thanks to the vegetable oils and fats. Synthetic, petroleum-based detergents, including commercial factory made shaving creams, dry out your skin after stripping away your natural sebum oils.

A nasty business, detergents. Originally produced as commercial degreasers for use in garages and factories.

Upgrade your Shaving Routine

When I was formulating this particular bar of soap, the Geranium & May Chang Shaving Soap, it had many similarities to a hair shampoo bar as much as a wet shaving soap.

This is because of the Castor oil in the formulation. I already knew that clay was good for wet shaving but also for caring for the scalp. I saw an opportunity to give you a 2-in-1 grooming solution, and I went for it.

You'll be glad I did.

Q. You are getting little lathering from the shaving soap, correct?

A. You are using hard water which has a high mineral content, bad for a bar of handmade soap. Try using filtered or demineralised water instead of water from the tap.

Further note that using your shaving brush to plunge and stir for a "good minute" to create a plentiful amount of soapy lather.

Best care for a wet Shave

What makes this soap a best choice for even sensitive skin or scalp is a combination of two clays, Kaolin and Bentonite.

The detoxing benefits of Bentonite

Clears up excess oil, unclogging pores and minimises bumps for smoother skin, excellent choice for hair and scalp care. The many essential vitamins and minerals are absorbed by the body, making for a wonderful detox option.

The restoritive benefits of Kaolin

Gentle enough for sensitive, dry, and mature skin. Impurities such as dead skin cells, excess oil, toxins are removed without drying out your skin. A balance of natural oil production is managed.

The two clays combined ensure 100% that all dirt and impurities that are bad for your pores, are drawn out. Nothing escapes your daily shave, sweat and excess sebum has no chance to build up.

  • Few other soap manufacturers use multiple clays, many favour just the one.

Coconut blended with Olive is nice to have for your skin, of course. But I guess after shaving your skin would enjoy a softer, more plumping moisturising experience and you got this from a Cocoa and Mango combination.

The Coconut and Olive ensure the ingredients are absorbed easily. This is nourishment but for appearance and subtleness, you must give your skin a fruit butter.

By drawing a blade across your skin, you are causing a huge amount of harm, aren't you? The combined % of seed butter in this bar of soap negates the damage, promising your skin is properly moisturised.

Wasn't there talk of Castor oil in the formulation earlier? This is an important oil for skin and hair, the scalp and here is why:

A new found miracle in modern skincare, Castor oil plays the hero

  • healing for inflammed skin, punishes breakouts

  • fights signs of ageing, enjoy plumper skin

  • treats dry lips, Castor oil is the business for lip balms

  • known to treat sunburn, face and whole body

  • a choice moisturiser, especially for oily skin

All the key ingredients are covered in this expertly designed shaving soap bar. You can relax and look forward to a natural clean shave from now on and feel no guilt about kicking "the can" out of your life.

You'll appreciate that this soap doesn't "foam up" like before. That is normal for a natural bar of shaving soap you're buying from an artisan soap manufacturer. Don't worry, your shave will go ahead as planned and your skin will be healthier too.

Now that your shave is covered, hands and body too there is your hair care.

Hair Care Treatment

The great thing about the shaving soap is that the formula was designed to be used as a shaving soap or a solid shampoo bar of soap. Because of a) the Castor oil and b) the clay for absorbing excessive oil and dirt, the scalp is capable of being cleansed as well.

With 10% Castor oil for skin and hair care that is enough, as every experienced soap maker knows.1 As you get from a shampoo with too much Coconut, resulting in greasy hair and scalp.2 3

Did you know..?

Hard water is the cause your hair tends to "grease up" after using a modern shampoo soap. Hard water mineral salts are unable to dissolve soap so easily.4

Continue to use your shampoo soap bar as normal but afterwards use a rinse once per week. Using one cup of warmed water, stir in a teaspoon measure of Citric acid to help demineralise your hair.

If you are not so keen on swapping the soap between shaving and shampooing your hair that is understandable.

Based on feedback from my family and many a customer, they swear by this exfoliating body scrub soap, the fine Oats instead of the clay, capable of pulling out impurities just as good as any clay.

The Sea Buckthorn promotes hair growth resulting in a glowing sheen.

  • Some of the best quality oils possibly found for skin care, we use by high % for our moisturising soap as few other brands will do

Combination of two clays draws out impurities removing excessive sebum mango is rich in Vitamin A for improved skin health handmade with certified organic oils for your complete peace of mind and worry free beauty

Geranium and May Chang Shave Bar

This mineral-rich wet shaving soap hydrates your face, purifies the skin removing excess oil and dirt on top of moisturising your skin. Pleasantly fragranced with those essential oils to balance and calm your skin from irritable complaints.

Seabuckthorn oil improving skin elasticity and health gentle Oats exfoliation to remove old skin and debris Beta Carotene for the ability to heal and repair skin tissue

Exfoliation Oatmeal

Oats found in it gently exfoliate resulting in firmer, less dimpled skin. Exfoliation removes dead cells that have migrated from deeper layers of the skin to the epidermis, revealing a newer, shinier and healthier layer of skin.

Worry free beauty and wellbeing at its best ― premium quality since 2008, over a decade of excellence


2 Coconut oil is a known comedogenic and is pore clogging for skin and scalp if used in too high a % for a skin and hair care formulation.

3 Avoid any shampoo with Palm oil as the first (main) ingredient because it is highly comedongenic, often used by cheap brands.


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