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Men's Grooming: Advice For A Best, Better Wet Shaving Soap Experience


It is time to slow down return to your roots and boldly reclaim your face as wet shaving takes you on the aesthetic road back to your male sense of being for you master the lost art of the old fashion shave

MARY QUINN 15-05-2020

Most men don't learn to use shaving soap until they have mastered the "bachelor's shave". The cheap disposable razor and tin can of shaving cream comes to mind. Don't believe you are alone looking at your new block of shaving soap and having no idea what to do with it.

You may love the idea of a wet shave but that doesn't mean your experience will be smooth and bump-free along the way. With learning a new skill it takes some practice before you reach comfort and joy.

I've bought a bar of the shaving soap, what now..?

You've bought a bar of my shaving soap, thanks.

If you bought the bigger 120g bar then you are looking for a large bowl. If you bought the 60g bar a disused mug or large cup will suffice, as a shaving bowl.

Some brands pour their soap into a wooden or ceramic bowl for you. I decided against this because the soap should cure by air drying. That isn't possible with soap poured into a container.

Continue to read on to learn how to use the soap for your regular shave.


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If you are relatively new to wet shaving and in particular with a hard soap bar, here is what you can and can't do for the best results and experience.

You should do..

  • soak your brush in warm water, before showering. Pour a little warm water into your shaving bowl as well, to soften the soap

This approach also softens the brush bristles for the same effect. You spend less time brushing the soap to create soap suds and getting it onto the brush.

You will also have a better quality lather your face can appreciate.

  • prepare your brush and soap before attempting to shave, avoiding disappointment with lathering

There is no tin can full of foam waiting for you, sorry. An artisan bar of shaving soap needs a little more patience and work.

With your brush, push the brush into the soap enough to spread the bristles outwards. You must then "dab" the brush into the soap whilst also moving the brush in a circular motion.

Notice that the lather from the soaked soap stays on the brush? When enough to your liking, you can now lather your face using the brush.

  • avoid wearing a strong commercial fragrance or a favourite aftershave

If you apply aftershave you may find your skin feels red or irritable soon afterwards.

There is no need for extra fragrance. The shaving bar from Mary Jean® has an enjoyable masculine fragrance, I have heard.

Using a natural fragrance minimising allergens and skin irritations.

You should not do..

  • hard water causes mineralisation resulting in a less than smooth shave

Use filtered or distilled water and warm, from a kettle, to prepare your brush and soap. The difference is a cleaner, smoother finish for your shave and the soap has a fuller body of lather.

  • do not expect the same kind or level of foaming often seen from a tin can of shaving foam

If you are looking for a large forming of foam you will be disappointed.

The foam from soap lathering is much thinner and lighter. Get used to it because this is the soap you are using, not a surfactant from a can.

This shaving soap I designed does have a creamy lather that is moisturising and balancing for your skins natural oils. You'll love this, don't worry.

  • change your razor brand regularly to learn what works best for you and your shaving technique, shop around

Wet shaving is personal and you must be looking for the best experience and enjoyment so shop around regularly for a different brand of a razor blade.

Also, consider a moisturising Cocoa soap bar for evening facial cleansing to complement your shaving soap.

By protecting your facial skin during the night with further softening will ensure less harm to your skin after shaving the next morning.

  • wet shaving is a little more demanding compared to regular "tin can" shaving so enjoy this time to learn the old fashioned way, resulting in healthier skin and appearance


Choose the Best Shaving Brush

You are thinking about four things for your shaving brush and those are:

  • creates a rich and warm lather by whipping air into the brush as you plunge and stir

  • a good brush with even bristles will lift facial hair preparing for the cut

  • adds moisture and warmth to the skin opening pores for skin cleansing

  • the brush causes friction resulting in exfoliation helping to clear away dead skin and other debris

Your choice will be decided on whether you shave with a bar of soap or with cream (from the can), mostly. If you use a cream your best brush has softer bristles, loosely packed together. Going with a bar of shaving soap you will enjoy a better experience with a more dense brush stiffer bristles.

Another consideration when purchasing a shaving brush, of course, is what the bristles are made from. The options you have are:

  • badger hair

  • horsehair

  • boar hair

  • synthetic hair

I have on good authority badger hair is best but unethical in my opinion. A more cruelty-free choice is a brush with horsehair. The hair is gathered from the grooming of the horse without any harm or stress.

And try to be sure the hair originates within the UK or Europe where animal welfare is of a higher standard. Much of the badger hair can come from China where many an animal has died for its hair.

A quality brush can prove to be reasonably expensive but will last you years with love. Rinse well after each shave and give a hard flick of the wrist to remove excess water.

Never, ever use a detergent to wash your brush and leave the brush hanging upside down to air dry after rinsing.

Get the perfect smooth shave

Most of you will shave once only before rinsing off excess lather, correct? (Don't bite me if I'm wrong).

For a smoother finish and more radiant appearance, you should do several passes, or shavings together. Each time you apply a new lathering of soap or cream when you:

  • go with the grain first of all

  • following this by going across the grain

  • finally, finish by going against the grain

Three times you shave, each time you shave to get the most from your shaving soap for the healthiest of any skin long into the day. If you've got sensitive skin only shave going against the grain.

Why do you include clay in the shaving soap?

The clay was included in the design of the soap to ensure your pores enjoy a maximum cleanse possible. By removing dead skin cells, dirt and grime and sebum this allows your skin to rebalance its self afterwards and breathe once more.

Is the Castor oil important... what's the big deal?

I put in the Castor oil as a stabilising force to be sure the lather you enjoy is rich and creamy. This oil is suited well for lubrication so the blade glides more easily. This oil is also an excellent moisturiser and works well for the health of your skin.

Questions & Answers

How often can I wet shave?

You can shave daily if you take care of preparing your brush, soap and skin before the first stroke.

Follow the advice on this blog post of course, but also know to replace your blade regularly. Typically you would renew the blade between 3 and 5 shaves depending on the thickness of stubble or beard.

You may realise you have sensitive skin when you suffer redness and greater irritation more often. In which case avoid alcohol-based aftershave and try applying a post-shave oil best suited to your skin type.

What gives with itchy irritable skin after shaving?

The causes may be various. It could be the ingredients found in the "tin can" shaving cream you are using if you're not using a natural soap bar, that is?

It could be the blade needs replacing or you are pressing too hard when drawing the razor across your face. Or the technique you are using is causing undue stress on your skin.

Is wet shaving better than using an electric shaver?

From what I understand wet shaving improves your experience and gives a closer shave. I shave my legs using another of my soaps wet shaving which I find a relaxing ritual.

How can I get the best after shaving care?

Use a moisturiser or best yet, this superb Myrrh soap bar which has a lovely fragrance for your wellbeing. This soap was designed for all skin types to tackle a demanding lifestyle and environment.

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