Lifestyle Choices: Whole Glycerin Soaps handmade from the Scottish Highlands

As a consumer you have never had it so good. As a eco-conscious consumer you want the best quality, the standard from a sustainable, ethical brand.

You can afford to spend a little more. And are prepared to spend, for the right brand and product. You've come to the right place.

The right place because soap from Mary Jean® is handmade in small batches. You experience a freshness and texture, from the day the soap was cut. You can enjoy your zero waste lifestyle, without the plastic.

With minimum waste after your use. The same minimum waste during the manufacture of the soap, the least amount of energy and water used.

You are a good human being and you want to do your part. You do that with every purchase made with Mary Jean.®

5% of your purchase is donated to a global charity. Direct action freeing our oceans and major river tributaries of plastic. Your buy decision makes a real difference.

Official Mary Jean®

Mary Jean® Cruelty Free Beauty & Home Fragrance

Organic Scottish Lavender Soap Handmade With Olive sufficent for therapeutic benefit

Organic Scottish Geranium May Chang Gentlemen's Shaving Soap Handmade With Kaolin results in more toned and conditioned skin to the touch for healthy appearance

Organic Scottish Exfoliating Body Scrub Soap Handmade With Sea Buckthorn Sea Buckthorn berry oil this luxurious oil is known to treat aged skin conditions reducing fine lines

Organic Scottish Chamomile Lavender Facial Cleansing Soap Handmade With Jojoba balances your skin improving your skin's own sebum oil levels

Organic Scottish Bergamot Patchouli Soap Handmade With Avocado Cocoa seed butter covers over bumps and stretch marks suitable for daily facial cleaning

Organic Scottish Exfoliating Body Scrub Soap Handmade With Sea Buckthorn Replaces old skin with renewed skin cell generation for improved skin tone and appearance

Dirt, grease and other debris removed allowing for new skin growth Organic Scottish Patchouli Lemongrass Exfoliating Hand Scrub Soap Handmade With Apricot

Big on Glycerin.

Real soap does not dry out skin. Real soap is free from cheap additives. Free from irritants.

Health of your skin improves after using real soap. Made by hand.. slowly, for your comfort.

Knowledgeable of Aromatherapy Lore

Formulations are based on targeted solutions, therapeutic care from aromatherapy know-how.

The soaps are made in small batches. The age old cold process method best preserves the beneficial qualities of the botanical cold-pressed oils and fats.

Handmade, cut and wrapped by hand in rural Speyside.

  • cold pressed and use the finest all-natural ingredients

  • plant-based and use organic, cosmetic-grade ingredients

  • manufactured in small batches in Scotland

  • free from fillers, sulphates and synthetic fragrances

Artisan handcrafted and cured for at least 35 days before being wrapped.

Official Mary Jean®

Family owned and conscientious. Scotland's premier soap manufacturer.

Led by the rural wilderness of the Highlands, the essence of Mary Jean® you experience is one of something positively natural.

Full of goodness and rich cold-pressed oils, a fragrance empowers mind and body. Every bar of soap handmade, every candle hand poured.

You are buying a single 120g bar of the Goats milk soap

Conscientious & Ethical

No furry animals were harmed during our product development and trials, and our UK based suppliers share our values. No animal testing, period.

Organic & 100% Natural

Because we want you to enjoy our products with peace of mind completely worry free over damaging chemicals and pesticide residue.

Colour & Fragrance

We love the look, feel and smell of our products as nature intended. Entirely natural with no artificial additives or fragrance. Only goodness.

Clean & Very Green

A sustainable approach to our brand design we present our products using materials with a clear goal towards zero waste principles.

Ethical cruelty-free beauty skincare handmade and small batched for the highest level of care. This is worry-free beauty and wellbeing at its best.

Best facial soap bar: Cleansing formulas that clean and hydrate

The soap clarifies, balances and moisturises all in a light fragrance. Mild and also rich and has a luxurious creamy texture in its lather.

This formulation of cold-pressed oils designed having a blending of organic Aloe Vera with Jojoba. One is hydrating and cooling of redness and rash, the other prevents bacterial built up beneath your pores.

This soap gives you a good cleanse without irritating or drying the skin. Particularly good for sensitive skin. A great alternative to your existing plastic bottled cleanser.

You are buying a single 120g bar of the Facial Cleansing Chamomile and Lavender soap bar.

Best family friendly soap bar: suitable for all ages, calming of mood

Work it into the skin and remove with a warm cloth, pat dry. The Cocoa seed butter and Olive are are an absolute sensation for hours long care.

The organic Olive oil softens and smoothes, excellent if you've dehydrated skin. A good choice every day bar of soap with a blending of Coconut and Soya oils. Long term hydration and protection due to high levels of Tocopherol vitamin E.1

Lavender essential oil is calming of nerves and emotions, relaxes mood and heightened anxiety.

You are buying a single 120g bar of the Cocoa blend with Olive oil Lavender soap bar.

Delaying the signs of ageing. Olive oil is kind for dry skin replacing dullness with a glow.

Cold-pressed certified organic oils used in the soaps

Aloa Vera • Olive • RSPO Palm • Jojoba • Apricot • Coconut • Soya • Sunflower • Safflower • Avocado • Sea Buckthorn • Cocoa • Mango • Shea • Rapeseed


The resin of Frankincense reduces the signs of ageing used for thousands of years for beautiful skin

Best anti-ageing soap bar: formulated with 30% Apricot kernel oil

Apricot oil lowers the appearance of fine lines and blemishes because of such high levels of vitamins C and E.

You are buying a single 120g bar of the Apricot oil blending with Frankincense for aged and mature skin soap bar.

Why is natural handmade soap so gentle?

Handmade artisan soap is far more beneficial for your tactile pleasure and health of skin for several reasons.

Firstly, the process of soap making is slow manufacturing in comparison to a modern day fast-paced factory environment. Immediately quality improves, waste is almost non existent making the product sustainable and green.

And secondly, many artisan soap makers will "superfat" their soap by a percentage. At Mary Jean we saponify 95% of the oils with lye. That means there is 5% of oils and fats that are not soap, unaffected by the chemical reaction.

We do this for your skin to enjoy this improved texture with a "lotion quality" feel afterwards. Soap may be a "rinse off" product. Leaving little behind after washing but some oil and fats are quickly absorbed into the skin before rinsing.

Your skin feels softer and moisturised.

Best deep cleansing soap bar: remove ground in dirt and grease, easy

Use to clean up after gardening, working on the car, grafting after work, children playing football, and so on.


Natural fragrance and alcohol free moisturising soap. Goats milk acts as a subtle exfoliant polishing your skin. Intense moisturisation from Cocoa and Mango for softer skin.

This bar of soap will help ease troubles from Eczema and Psoriasis and related concerns.

Natural fragrance-free hypoallergenic soap for sensitive skin Excellent choice, hypoallergenic and natural fragrance-free soap for sensitive skin types fine Oats a mild exfoliant results in renewed and polished skin

Goat's milk is an excellent natural cleanser. Dehydrated, dry itchy and parched skin gets an immediate respite from the use of Goat's milk. Having excellent emollient properties goat's milk is an effective moisturiser. Nourishing and caring for your skin, keeping it soft and supple and beautiful.

Goat's milk seeps deep in the layers of the skin and hydrates the skin without clogging the pores. The milk contains alpha-hydroxy acids which rejuvenate the skin, by exfoliation. Exfoliation stimulates the regeneration of new skin cells.


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