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Many years ago..

My father and two brothers brought up a pair of goats. Grass-fed them and tended to their needs. How my brothers would muck out their shed, moaning of the smell and weekend chore.

How I chuckled to myself for my siblings suffering. You see, the connection with life on a farm remains with you long afterwards. You forget very little.

Those memories were at the forefront of my mind in 2007 when I began to plan my first Goat's milk soap bar. Far healthier for you,1 richer in nutrients compared to other milk, of course, I wanted to use it for soap.


I still have a strong liking to fresh Goat's milk as a chilled drink. And now using it in not one, but two of my soaps is a no brainer. Sourcing this milk right here in the Speyside brings a smile to me.

I am thankful for Kirsteen at the "Wee Ferm", Dufftown for their fresh milk. It is rather difficult to find good quality milk from a trusted farm and one that is local.

― Mary Jean Elizabeth Quinn

Official Mary Jean®

Family owned and conscientious. Scotland's premier soap manufacturer.


Goat's milk Soap for Sensitive Skin

Goat's milk is an excellent natural cleanser. Dehydrated, dry itchy and parched skin gets an immediate respite from the use of Goat's milk. Having excellent emollient properties goat's milk is an effective moisturiser. Nourishing and caring for your skin, keeping it soft and supple and beautiful.

  • Goat's milk creates a creamier lather due to natural occurring milk fats

  • Goat's milk has less lactose, ideal for sensitive skin conditions

  • with Lactic acid can help your skin shed its dead cells, resulting in a more glowing radiant skin

  • pH skin-friendly,2 results in far less irritation while inhibiting bacteria growth

  • Capric and Caprylic acids, good health fats benefit hair with increased moisture

Goat's milk seeps deep in the layers of the skin and hydrates the skin without clogging the pores. The milk contains alpha-hydroxy acids which rejuvenate the skin, by exfoliation. Exfoliation stimulates the regeneration of new skin cells.

Chemical free skincare from Mary Jean Cruelty free skincare from Mary Jean Sustainable skin care and packaging from Mary Jean Mary Jean sources from a certified organic supply chain Rural living influences Mary Jean business goals Only the best of natural colour and fragrance from Mary Jean

At Mary Jean® we want to present you with an extensive range of natural organic soaps made in small batches. With natural botanical oils and fats. No artificial colours or fragrances, and needless fillers.

You can guess how passionate we are about soap. Giving you something that is so beneficial for you and your family, our reward.

Quality of workmanship and choice of ingredients is what defines Mary Jean. Handmade, small batched on the historic Speyside inspires. Read on because we are positive you'll find something beautiful about our soaps.

Use this natural fragranced Goat's milk soap bar for sensitive and dry, itchy prone skin, a formulation designed to boost and plump skin with Cocoa seed butter a key ingredient.

But.. use this organic soap for mature and aged skin instead, handmade with Goat's milk and berry oil of Sea Buckthorn.

Kirsteen, and the Wee Ferm: open for Visitors

The Wee Ferm, Spring croft, Dufftown, by Keith AB55 4BN. Tel: 07545 395396.

(Find on Google map)

Not only does Kirsteen have two cute goats needing a bottle feed, but she also has other friendly animals. Get in touch with Kirsteen to arrange a visit, the farm visit is very much child friendly.

On the outside of Craigellachie, past the Speyside Cooperage. Enjoy the sights of chickens, Kune Kune pigs, ponies and rabbits.

Children go home happy and your visit and entry fee support a new venture recently started.

On this family farm, there are toilets, hand and boot washing facilities. As you are walking in a field ―with mud― it is best you and your family arrive prepared. Wear wellington boots and suitable outdoor clothing.

"Come and meet our gorgeous baby goats May and Speedy and have the opportunity to give Speedy his dinner time bottle".

Our most recent soap batch

We made a batch of the Goat's Milk and Oatmeal exfoliating Sea Buckthorn soap earlier this month of August. Each batch produces an average of 188 120 gram bars.

Dehydrated, dry and parched skin gets an immediate respite from the use of goat's milk

Goat's milk is an effective moisturiser

Lactic acid can help your skin shed its dead cells, resulting in a more glowing radiant skin

Goat's milk contain alpha-hydroxy acids that rejuvenate the skin by exfoliation

From left to right, the oils are in the pot melting. The last remnants of the Coconut are still visible, and the deep red colour coming from the 5% Sea Buckthorn berry oil. We freeze our Goat's milk and then use the lye to defrost it. This method prevents the cream from curdling, was we to otherwise let it defrost the day before. If the milk cream curdles, the pH becomes more acidic3 which isn't good for your sensitive skin.

Goat milk soap is a gentle cleanser rich in fatty acids that can help support a healthy skin barrier

Natural botanical oils and fats, saying no to artificial colours or fragrances, and needless fillers

Goat's milk soap bar for normal to dry skin, a formulation designed to boost and plump skin with Cocoa

Handmade with Goat's milk and berry oil of Sea Buckthorn this organic soap for mature and aged skin

From left to right, we measure out the fine organic Oatmeal and Lavender essential oils. Next, once the soap has been poured into a mould. We found pouring the Oatmeal first into the oils before the lye helps prevent the Oatmeal clumping. The essential oils go in during the trace stage. The next day, we take apart the mould to reveal a smooth block of gorgeous soap. The cutter cuts into logs before they're cut into bars.




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