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Find Your Glow, from Kaolin clay and Buttermilk extract

Regular exfoliation encourages new skin cell growth. The results are more radiant and glowing skin. You enjoy clearer healthier skin with a soft smoother surface.

You prevent many issues cropping up when you make exfoliating a part of your beauty routine. Slip in your exfoliating facial in after cleansing but before you tone, because you are using a clay mask.

With the application of a clay mask you are preventing many problems. Your pores are clean and clear free from sebum and dirt, makeup and sweat. Bacteria has no hope of developing which is the root cause of infection.

The Mary Jean® Kaolin Facial Clay mask is designed especially for dry and sensitive skin types. It is recommended you exfoliate your face ―and body if desired― once weekly, to begin with.

The Home Spa experience from a facial mask with Kaolin clay and Buttermilk natural extracts for face skin firming radiance

This is a gentle facial skin mask for dry and sensitive skin with buttermilk extract to repair skin discolouration and dark spots and sun damange

Boost your Skin

Buttermilk is a powerful skin cleansing ingredient. Exfoliates revealing clarity and healthier skin.

This do-it-yourself facial mask contains a high percentage of natural Buttermilk extracts.

Your skin is under constant abuse from UV radiation, unseen pollution and sweat. It is imperitive you must have the best performing formulation.

The skin care range from Mary Jean Fochabers premier soap manufacturer includes facial masks for dull damaged skin and mature skin reduces visible signs of fine lines

Is your skin prepared for the drying cold air of Winter?

Strengthening your skin tissue is one of the enjoyments from regular exfoliation. When you exfoliate you are clearing your pores and reducing bacterial growth. You are fighting infection the cause of blackheads and spots and Acne conditions.

When you exfoliate you are improving the surface of your skin. Reducing redness, scaring and bumps, dry, dull skin rinsed away in the wash. The resounding results are you enjoy smoother, more radiant and glowing skin.

Winter is a terror for your skin. The cold air can dry out your skin, blood circulation is minimal. Those conditions leave your complexion not only dull but pale and lifeless.

It is well known regular exfoliation can improve your blood circulation. So this coming winter please exfoliate more often. And without chemical peels. Bring red rosy cheeks to those parties you plan on attending.

Use this Kaolin clay mask with Buttermilk extracts for smoothing over rough skin surface removes old dead skin cells and dull skin with lightening benefits

2-in-1 Facial & Hair Care

Use as a facial exfoliating mask you can do that, and more. The formulation has flexibility built in adding to it's usefulness.

Mary Jean Elizabeth has been using clay for managing her hair and scalp for well over a decade. She took into account conditioning hair care in the design of her 3 do-it-yourself masks.

Once you buy this amazing 2-in-1 product you will enjoy far greater value for money from this product.

Increase your blood circulation when exfoliating your facial skin for a more radiant glowing skin complexion, use the Kaolin mask with buttermilk from Mary Jean

The Ingredients

Kaolin clay

It is so gentle. Kaolin clay is a fantastic cleanser and detoxifying treatment for sensitive skin. Exfoliates and refreshing for skin.

Buttermilk extract

Is strengthening of the hair follicles and gives your hair a natural shine. Used in a mask to brighten skin, fade brown spots, and even out skin tone.

Full Ingredients: Kaolin, Banana extract, Honey extract, Yogurt extract, Buttermilk extract. Net Weight 100g. There is at least 5 servings. Contents may settle, shake before use.

This product is free from Hydroquinone, Polyvinylpyrrolidone, Salicylic Acid, Benzoyl Peroxide, Cyclomethicone, Polyethylene Glycol, Talc and Resorcinol.

Chemical free skincare from Mary Jean Cruelty free skincare from Mary Jean Sustainable skin care and packaging from Mary Jean Mary Jean sources from a certified organic supply chain Rural living influences Mary Jean business goals Only the best of natural colour and fragrance from Mary Jean

Why make Mary Jean your purchasing Decision?

Mary Jean® has always been about you, our customer and a quality of product. Ideals supported by family values you can relate to.

We are not a big business with layers of management and large teams busy with themselves. We are a family business and we are thankful for our natural world.

We stand by our values.


Our promise to use only natural sourced ingredients. That means no cheap inferior substitute replacing those costlier materials.


Our entire supply chain is traceable. We partner with suppliers based in the UK, those with high ethical standards.


We loathe the use of plastic packaging. Larger brands continue to comsume plastic, we value glass and aluminium as alternatives.


From the very beginning Mary Jean Elizabeth was conscious of the need for organic. Natural and pure, organic is best and better.


Located in the rural settings on the historic Speyside. The family find inspiration from their early morning walks along woodland paths.


Nothing removed, nothing added. The product range from Mary Jean® is natural and pure. Wholesome goodness you can trust.

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