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Detoxing Fullers Earth Clay Facial Mask For Damaged Troubled Skin Conditions With Mango



Detoxing Fullers Earth Clay Facial Mask For Damaged Troubled Skin Conditions With Mango

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Detoxing Fullers Earth Clay Facial Mask For Damaged Troubled Skin Conditions With Mango 100G

Deep cleansing removes blackheads controls acne

£17.00 (£17.00/100g)

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In Stock  •  SKU #4101  •  UPC/EAN #0723803853658


Suitable for all skin types, best for damaged and troubled skin.

Anti-oxidant raspberry seed powder calms irritable skin conditions, increasing natural collagen levels. Volcanic ash bentonite is deeply cleansing removing the most stubborn dirt and grease.

Our formulation inclusive of fuller's earth works in tandem to boost effectiveness of the volcanic clay.

Handmade with natural clays, fruit and dairy extracts for your complete peace of mind and worry free beauty.

  • restorative wellness treatment on everyday stressed skin

  • minimises pores and visibly refines your complexion

  • nutrients and minerals provide for youthful looking skin

  • skin looks fresh, recovered and smoothed

  • facial care made of natural ingredients, rich in minerals, animal-free

Weight is 100g (3.51oz) packaged in an thick walled glass jar. The jar measures 55mm (H) x 72mm (Diameter). Contents may settle, shake before use.

Store in a cool dry place away from moisture. This is a dry powder product requiring a mixer such as water, a milk or an oil to mix into a paste before use.

This product has a minimum of 5 servings.

By purchasing today you are supporting a more sustainable, ethical manufacturing practice.

Made in the United Kingdom.


Use regularly to deeply cleanse facial skin resulting in reduction of skin problems from acne, eczema to name a few. Skin health is improved greatly, pores are clear and reduced breakouts are possible.


This product is free from Hydroquinone, Polyvinylpyrrolidone, Salicylic Acid, Benzoyl Peroxide, Cyclomethicone, Polyethylene Glycol, Talc and Resorcinol.

Bentonite, Solum Fullonum, Rubus Idaeus, Mangifera Indica, Mel+.

+ Classed as an animal by-product.


We deliver throughout the UK mainland and Isles by first class as standard. For further details about delivery, cancellations and returns see our delivery and returns page.

First class fixed price delivery. Dispatched next working day as standard.


For external use only. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Keep out of reach of young children.

You will need a small bowl and a makeup brush. With this dry powder mask, you must decide on a mixer to use with the mask. This could be water or milk, an aromatherapy oil you have or a natural yoghurt.

Once decided on what you are using, scoop a tablespoon amount into the bowl. Pour in your mixer as you are stirring to ensure the powder and mixer are thoroughly mixed into a paste constituency.

If the paste is too thick, continue to add more mixer. We do not recommend you use fragrance with this mask.

Use the makeup brush to apply the paste to the area of your face until covering the whole of your face and forehead. If you find the paste doesn't stick to your face, the paste is either too thick or too dry. Add a little more mixer and stir once more before reapplying.


With every purchase made, Mary Jean® will donate 5% of your purchase value to the Moray Firth Radio Cash for Kids charity.

A further 5% is donated to an organisation who are working to remove all plastic from our oceans and promoting sustainable actions for our oceans.

You are also welcome to donate collected points using your account, as you shop with us.

Further details are available on our charity page.

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Ethical cruelty-free beauty skin care handmade and small batched, highest level of care. This is worry free beauty and wellbeing at its best.

Premium quality since 2008, over a decade of excellence.


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How often do you exfoliate, do you know?

Depends on your facial skin type really.

If you have drier skin conditions, use less frequently say once per week, every 10 days. On the otherhand if you have oily condition use more often, twice per week for example.

If you have sensitive skin, rinse off after 5 minutes otherwise rinse off after 10 - 12 minutes. Feeling your skin is too dry after using a mask? Use less often or change your mixer oil for variance.

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