Where Did the Name Fullers Earth Come from

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Time for a historic tale, and what an interesting story to tell too. A particular clay used to clean woolen cloth for many thousands of years and this process for cleaning and thickening cloth became known as "fulling", and those engaged in this practice were called a "fuller". Hence the term "fullers earth" as we know today.

In those days, before modern machinery and inventions, whole wool and fleece was smelly, dirty and contained all sorts of impurities. To fix this problem the woollen industry soaked pieces of cloth in an alkaline solution to agitate it in a vat containing a slurry of Fullers Earth.

They then rinsed it several times to remove the earth, which carried away with it most of the grease, dirt, the smell and faecal matter found in the raw wool.

Quote meit's ideal for removing inpurities along with sebum allowing your skin to breath and function

Later, Fullers Earth was used in laundries for removing oil and grease from heavily soiled garments and workwear, it has been said the Fullers Earth is better than soap or detergants for cleaning heavy soiled textiles. In other uses, Fullers Earth had been used as an antidote for poisen due to it's absorption properties, including food poison and for the staunching of blood.

By the middle of the 20th century, during World War II, sore and inflamed feet were soothed in a dispersion of Fuller’s Earth in water ― the uses of this earth are numerous and plentiful, in the case of skincare industry, it's ideal for removing inpurities, along with sebum (the natural oils your skin produces) allowing your skin to breath and function.

Coventional use of Fullers Earth

  • Cat litter

  • Cosmetic creams and face masks

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Agricultural pesticide's

  • In the manufacture of various catalysts used in the petroleum and chemical industries

Fullers earth is the most versatile remedy nature provides. This earth is very good value and has no limited self life, has been used externally as a wound healer, to stop bleeding wounds almost instantly. A natural disinfectant, cools inflammated muscle and joints and it draws tissue together. It greatly supports the healing process, good quality clay is sterile and safe to use on open wounds, it's the perfect first aid remedy.

Fullers Earth as a Skincare Treatment

A face mask with clay will tighten and brighten the skin of any age. Leg ulcers heal much better when they are treated with groung clay because of it's agitating, sterilising action. The clays healing and restoring abilities are very visible when used externally on the skin.

Like many other clays, such as Kaolin, all clay is greatly beneficial for your skin as it agitates your skin (in a really good way) to draw out and remove what it is that causes you to have a bad complexion, really the benefits are never fully appreciated, and that is a shame.

If only more attention was given in the press!

Oily, combination skin can be rebalanced when a clay is mixed with spring water or a herbal infusion, whereas dry dry skin is beautifully nourished when a clay is mixed with a good vegatable oil, such as Avocado and applied to the skin.

Also known as multani mitti, Fuller’s Earth is a type of clay that contains various minerals, including magnesium, quartz, silica, iron, calcium, calcite and dolomite. Mostly available in powdered form, it comes in different colors, such as white, green, blue, brown and olive.

Nature has provided this magic for us, to take care of all your hair and skin woes. It has oil absorbing, cleansing and antiseptic properties that make it very helpful in treating various hair and skin conditions. This natural ingredient is safe to use and there are no side effect ― as you would expect from nature!

Being a naturally absorbing, Fuller’s Earth can be used to remove excess oil from oily skin. It can also unclog skin pores and rebalance the natural PH level of the skin, commonly found to be used in a homemade face pack. Fuller’s Earth can reduce the appearance of wound scars, minor burn marks or any other kind of scars to a great extent.

Use it on your arms or legs to enhance their complexion, it is equally good for remedy for a more generous sun tan.

This earth is an antiseptic agent, for the face also benefits to heal skin irritations and offers soothing effect on the skin. It contains healthy nutrients and helps to restore your skin's natural oils. It helps your skin in many ways

  • Diminishing pore sizes

  • Helps towards the removal of blackheads, and whiteheads

  • Fading freckles, and soothing sunburnt skin

  • Cleansing skin, improving your complexion

  • Reducing the affects from acne and blemishes, makes your skin glow

Now you know a little bit more about Fullers Earth, and clay in general you are to be sure you need this magical earth, as it is or as a skincare product (facial mask) near at hand for those days your skin is troubled. Nature has given us everything we need, including our beautiful looks! Keep looking good, return to nature everytime.

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