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This is what is new with Mary Jean natural skincare

It is a great feeling to have a new website once again, a lot has changed not only with the website but so much more ― read on to find out what!

One thing we are really pleased with now is you can shop our products on the go, quite literally! Not one for being left behind, we are keen to ensure your time with Mary Jean is a lovely experience and now that our online presense is "mobile friendly", there's more reason to enjoy our brand.

It is all about You

At the heart of a change of new website are you, our loyal customers. You continue to come back to us time and time again, for a favourite soap, balm or cream. You really do enjoy the products, and we appreciate very much you telling us about them too!

Yet, sometime's you need to know more than simply that the product is great for your skin, and we have listen to your wishes. But what has changed?

Firstly, we want to share our value's with you more openly. Mary Jean isn't a large corporate company, merely we are a small family owned business in rural Speyside, only our value's are more realistic from that perspective.

How we will manage this is by sharing stories about value's that we all care about, namely our health and beauty, how everyday activities can affect our environment ― our planet is in such a state ― we'll bring interesting news and fact's to your attention, the small things that do make a difference.

Quote meWe are keen to ensure your time with Mary Jean is a lovely experience

Secondly, whilst our social presense is growing, and more and more of you are finding out about us, we are going for a big push in this area ― definitely expect far more activity on our Facebook page for latest offers and promotions.

Our activity on Twitter will be focused on sharing with you what it is that you are interested in reading, not only our own content but what we've found for you. What has been shared by our friends, we share with you for your own enjoyment. Overall, our social presense will be as much about social sharing as much about "salesy" promotions!

We love our customers, many of you have your favourites, and this loyalty will be rewarded. For the first time with Mary Jean, there is a loyalty scheme to reward you, look out for more information of this scheme as you browse our (new!) website, it's available today.

A much more friendlier experience for you, oh! Forgot almost, we now accept payment with PayPal, we've been dying to have this service for so long now, but it's here for you if that's your preferred way of paying!

That is what's new with us, we'd love to hear your thoughts... do share them with us below, it's a good way to stay in touch too.

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