the Use of Mineral Oil in Skincare

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Use of Mineral oil in cosmetics is bad, bad, bad news

You know one of the many questions we are asked is do any of your products contain mineral oil? As this is one oil we have never really thought about so out of curiosity I thought I would be a bit of research.

Mineral oil is often added to ingredients because it is cheap, the main benefit to skin care is to reduce water loss by trapping it on the surface which is why a lot of skin care and body products contain it.

But why is it getting such bad write Ups?

Mineral oil does not hydrate or moisturise your skin all it does is trap what moisture is already there which means if there is a lack of moisture there to begin with then you are basically screwed, mineral oil will prevent your skin from absorbing essential moisture from its surroundings and naturally rehydrating itself to perform at its best.

When we are researching oils for any of our products we said from the start that it would be only the best of ingredients that would be going into whatever we made to ensure that you the one to be using our product would only get the very best. I know that a lot of people have been using Vaseline based products and like mineral oil they are both derived from petroleum, the only benefit that I can see from using mineral or Vaseline is it creates a barrier on your skin.

Do you really want a coat of Vaseline on your Face?

Although skin doesn't breathe excessive amounts of mineral oil can prevent it from performing effectively, mineral oil is also comedogenic this means it can block pores and cause blackheads or acne as the skin can't rid itself of bacteria or dead skin.

There are a lot of companies out there still using mineral oil in their products because it is cheap and bulks out a product but continual use of their product could leave you with dry, tender and flaky skin as the surface can't attract nor retain moisture.

There are so many alternatives to using mineral oil and to my thinking using natural products are by far better for you, your family and your planet.

Natural alternatives to Mineral Oil

  • Avocado Oil

    A more supple feeling skin ― and hair ― rich in many vitamins too

  • Beeswax

    Can reduce soreness (inflammation), protects by trapping and "locking in" moisture ― an excellent choice

  • Hazelnut Oil

    "Jam packed" with Vitamin B & E, very light and unbelievably moisturising to boot

  • Apricot Oil

    Gentle enough for all skin types, yet well balanced to hydrate ― so pure it will not clog your pores

How ever "enticing" a commercial product may be ― skincare in this case, there is also a more natural alternative to something that has been engineered.

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