Fathers Day

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Fathers Day

Moisturising skincare for Him - Fathers Day from Mary Jean

Not every luxury moisturiser comes in a bottle or jar. No nonsense skincare in the form of natural soap, crafted the old way of making soap to produce an exceptional experience of moisturising. Our soap contains sought after Glycerine, a powerful moisturiser great for keeping his skin soft and subtle.

Yes! Soft and subtle but don't tell him that just now. Wait until afterwards, once he has used it for the first time because he'll want to use it more and more. Men have a softer side too, however masculine they may wish to appear on the outside.

Men's Skincare

His skin too requires looking after and to ensure that is the case. Now let's examine what we've put into our soap, and remember; our soap contains at least 25% Gylcerine, often extracted in commercial enterprises for use in high end creams.

We don't extract the Glycerine by the way, it's important his skin remains moisturised for as long as possible.

Avocado Oil

A thick, dark green coloured oil that is very good for conditioning skin. This means it will protect skin from everyday wear and tear from the weather for example.

Our Bergamot and Patchouli soap contains quite a reasonable amount of this oil.

Cocoa Butter

A luxury often left out of soap which is a shame really. It's good to know we use it in our soaps though, because it is super absorbent meaning skin is so much softer to the touch. Also Cocoa is well known to help fight the sign of skin aging, why many of our soaps are made with it.

Apricot Oil

Now. Our Frankincense soap is mega in terms of moisturising capability. This soap packs a huge amount of Apricot oil, and is ideal for the man who loves the great outdoors. Mother nature can throw whatever she want's at your man, and he'll keep smiling.

Mango Butter

Another luxurious oil that remains elusive in soap making but we've managed to capture a great deal of it for the Goat's Milk soap because it is a great skin softener and moisturiser combined.

Buy this soap to protect your skin from dryness.


Oh! You'll find Honey in our Honey & Oatmeal and Honey & Lemon soap. The oatmeal is a natural exfoliant ensuring his skin is smooth at all times. On the other hand too, did you know Lemon is a light, natural exfoliant?

Best of both worlds for smooth, care free skin and Lemon isn't a feminine scent as many suspect either.

The Soap Offer

As you can see there are many benefits for the man in your life from using our soap, there is nothing taken out and nothing put in either. Organic too, many of our soap bars are over 95% organic in fact.

And buying for your man today you will save on the money as well. Normally priced at £5.49 each you can get them for £4.66 when you purchase 3 bars of soap using our "FATHERSDAY" coupon. That is a saving for any 3 bars of soap, or even were you to buy 6 bars. Share them around, each one is a gift for family and friends.

  • Gently moisturising, even for the most sensitive of skin

  • Only 100% natural green ingredients, free from irritating allergens

  • Fragrance from pure essential oils, no unwanted chemicals


Use this coupon to enjoy any 3 for £14.00

Or call Elizabeth now on 01343 880231, Mobile 0749 0697598 to place an order today.

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