Disease Strikes Coconut Trees

Topic Personal and Off Topic // Author Elizabeth Quinn // Dated 21st of Nov, 2016.

Disease Strikes Coconut Trees

Up till now there has been a lot said about the depletion of the Palm forests resulting in some companies withdrawing the use of palm oil from their products and although we still use palm oil in some of our soaps we also use another oil that is just about to be in the same category as palm oil.

Coconut oil like palm oil is in high demand due to the benefit that it has for us humans. We use it in our skincare products and our food, for drinking and today the coconut market is booming, but the long term outlook for coconuts is not looking so good.

In the Caribbean bacteria that cause lethal yellowing are wiping out coconut trees[1] - a situation that means they are now running out of coconuts. In Papua New Guinea lethal yellowing or a similar disease is threatening plantations that have been specially set up to safe guard coconut varieties for future generations.

These aren't the biggest coconut producing countries but they are ominous signs for the rest of the world, especially if coconut diversity is not saved.

It seems like what is happening to the bees and other insects is somehow transferring over onto other species...something that needs to be fixed now before it gets any worse!

[1] Source: http://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2016/11/coconut-genetic-diversity/507014/

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