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Loyalty and Rewards


The Mary Jean® Loyalty rewards programme is our way of thanking you for your purchase and continued loyalty. Simply open a free account with us.

With every purchase, you will receive reward points. You can redeem your reward points on future purchases.

Reward Yourself

You'll earn £2.50 for every 500 points you collect, use to pay towards a future purchase or simply save them up. And so much more besides...

Congratulate Yourself

Opening an account with Mary Jean is special, because we give you more and bigger offers you find on our website.

Get free delivery on all orders for account owners

Free Delivery

Every purchase made you receive free delivery, economy class when using your account.

Complementary gifts from Mary Jean for your special birthday

Complementary Birthday Gifts

Receive a gift of 3750 points for your next birthday and every birthday to come.


Enjoy free delivery when using your account ― no minimum spend. Want the biggest and best offers? Open your account.

Add your personal product reviews and comment on our stories

Comment & Review

Earn 500 loyalty points for every product review^ or comment on our blog.

Add your photo to your account increases personalisation on Mary Jean and trust for your reviews and comments

Account Authenticity

Earn 500 loyalty points* when you update your account photo.

Create a wish list to share with family and friends

Wish Lists

Show your family and friends what it is you would wish for the most.

Earn loyalty points by introducing Mary Jean to your friends

Share with a Friend

Collect 1000 loyalty points once a friend makes a purchase.

*One time only. ^Purchase is necessary to review a product. See our terms and conditions for further details about loyalty points and account rules. How we use your personal details is explained in our privacy policy.

Questions & Answers


How do I collect loyalty points?

With any purchase you earn a number of points for each product bought. Also collect points when you interact with Mary Jean, such as:

  • rate and review a purchased product

  • comment on our blog

  • share with a friend and they make a purchase

There is no minimum or maximum purchase necessary to accure points.

When do my points expire?

Your points collected have no expiry period, they last forever.

How do I activate my account?

Once you open an account we will send you an email to confirm your account. Simply follow instructions and your account is then ready to use immediately.

How do I use my points?

You can spend your points any time, simply choose to pay with points at the checkout on our website. You can spend any number of points you have and use them as part or full payment.

What are my loyalty points worth?

For every 500 points you collect their monetary value is worth £2.50.

What is so different with the offers?

We reward our account owners with better offers, such as:

  • wider product choice on offer

  • higher discount by percentage

  • offers are available for longer

  • offers are repeated more often

Any special days we benefit from?

There are a few days we can make more special for you. Such as Mother's Day, International Women's Day and Father's Day, we award your account 1000 points.

Use your account regularly to receive these points ― if no activity in a 6 week period prior, we do not give you these points.

Why do you ask for my date of birth?

We ask for your birth day and month so we are best able to send you a gift in time for your next birthday. This is one more perk with the Mary Jean loyalty program.

If you are not comfortable disclosing your date of birth, then don't. It is entirely optional.

How do I check my points balance?

Sign into your account, your balance is shown. If you have signed up to our newsletter then your balance is also shown in our newsletter, provided your account email matches with what email you subscribed with.

If I cancel my account, what happens to my points?

Nothing happens to your points.

They remain with your account in the event you change your mind and reactivate your account later. If you do decide to reactivate your account you must do so within 12 months of cancellation, as we remove archive data from our databases for privacy and security reasons.

Can I transfer my points to another account?

No, sorry we do not allow that. If you have accumulated a sizeable number of points you no longer want, you can donate them to those charities we support.

I get free delivery, yes?

You get free delivery to the UK mainland & Isles with every purchase you make using your account, no questions asked. Spend as little or as much as you wish, the free delivery will still apply so long as you have an account and are signed in at the time.

Economy class delivery from the Royal Mail. Your order is dispatched the next working day, guaranteed.

Can I use the coupons with my account?

You can, yes.

Coupons will reduce your basket based either by a set amount or by a precentage as per normal use. Your basket total may be reduced but reward points collected are not affected.

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