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About Mary Jean®


We all want to look our best for our self confidence and how others see us yet it isn't always possible.

As a teenager suffering from problematic sensitive skin with an allergy to zinc, I realised the problem was not my skin but the products I was buying from the local chemist and supermarket.

Something had to change and quick because my skin problems were out of control.

― Mary Jean Elizabeth Quinn

Mary Elizabeth Jean

From the roadside, June 2020 on a stroll along the bank of Lochindorb, Grantown-on-Spey.

Mary Jean is family owned and operated. The difference is in the quality of the products and believe in family values.

From my family to your family sharing the enjoyment of luxurious soaps, balms and more besides.

Led by the rural wilderness of the Highlands, the essence of Mary Jean® you experience is one of something positively natural.

Full of goodness and rich cold-pressed oils, a fragrance empowers mind and body. Every bar of soap handmade, every candle hand poured.

Our Goals

Provide you a promise to only use the best ingredients we can source from an ethical, cruelty-free supply chain.

  • expand our product range

  • continue to use glass and aluminium

  • secure accreditation, go after more awards

You tell us time and again how gorgeous the soaps are. To bring our brand presence and products closer to you is what we want to happen.

Our Values

Mary Jean has always been about you, our customer and a quality of product. Ideals supported by family values you can easily relate to.

  • organic as a first, best choice

  • use minimal product packaging

  • value for money for family budgets

Old crafting traditions are best for our planet, for sure. We do not want to change anything to upset the balance we've found for growth and use of resources.

Drummuir Loch Park in late winter 2018, off road trail through

Loch Na Bo Fochabers Moray Scotland in early summer 2019, high midge season for the Highland Midge lotion

The Scottish Highland Speyside has many loch parks such as Drummuir and this one at Millbuies, Elgin late autumn 2019

From the top clockwise, Drummuir Loch Park winter 2018, Millbuies Country Park autumn 2019, Loch Na Bo early summer 2019.

Understandably, as a family, we have a thing about woodlands and lochs.

How thankful we feel for the rich diverse nature found throughout the Speyside. As far south as Aviemore, and north to the Moray coast there's a wood for roaming and a loch for moments of calm.


Mary Jean® Cruelty Free Beauty & Fragrance

Our Mission.. ?

To bring the best possible skincare product to as many as who care about their health, beauty and planet.

Natural and pure, organic is best and better. No pesticide residue or other toxin, your family is in safe hands. This is worry-free beauty at its best.

Sustainable, handmade in small batch, fresh, green and eco-friendly. Cruelty free and ethical practices.

  • knowing how best to use what nature has given us, targeted formulations

  • provide genuine quality and affordable skin care without premium prices

  • continue to follow traditional family values, safe guarding our brand and trust

We take pride in doing business right. The belief that people, wildlife, and planet are more important than profit guides everything we do.

A field of lavender herb in full bloom with bees

Our Passion

Some people love their countryside, the rural escape.

Myself and my family love our natural world. The wild rural Highlands. It is this one constant in our universe that feeds the passion we have.

From taking long walks along our woodland paths, misty drizzle in the early morning. The deer come down for the new grass, entranced as our presence disturbes their feasting.

Cattle come running to you. Friendly and foolish all the same they snort with joy as you stop to say hello.

Walking through the countryside affords you so many pleasures. Pheastants startled, they take to flight in a fearful cry warning others.

If you are seasoned by rural country life, your camera is ready. Because nature plays a good theatre.

― Mary Jean Elizabeth Quinn

Our Customers Thoughts


Jean (20/09/2020)

Best Natural Midgie Repellent I’Ve Tried

As it’s the blackberrying season I needed something to keep the Midgies at bay as I seem to be extra tasty which it really did. They are ferocious where we are - just like most of Scotland I think! I like firstly how the product is in a pump dispenser with no fiddly top to screw in & off & loose. The smell is really nice & natural. The texture too is just right. Only - point is it says free delivery ... which it wasn’t , but I did get a nice free soap. Thank you.

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Les (10/09/2020)

Cleans Up Dry Patchy Areas

Deep cleansing but without the skin drying out. If you've had a long day and your skin feels grubby I recommend this. It is very refreshing.

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How much this customer would purchase the product again

How happy a customer is with the price and value for money


Tom (03/09/2020)

Recommend Purchase

I liked the smell because of the spicy overtones excellent for my study and why I choose this one because it was less floral in fragrance. A good choice for the "man cave" IMHO :) Good service and quick delivery I was impressed!

How much customer recommends the product and brand

How much this customer would purchase the product again

How happy a customer is with the price and value for money

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