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5 Ways To Enjoy Our 60G Organic Soaps


Who wouldn't feel special and cared for when they discover that you have laid out a few natural handmade bars of high quality skin loving soap bars for them to enjoy?

MARY QUINN 06-08-2021

There is a lot to love about our 60g organic soaps, with the same huge benefits as their larger bars they are often overlooked and forgotten about. But they have their use from adventures and camping trips away to self indulgence these half bar soaps are ideal to have ready when your guests come to stay.

#1 Good to Have Little Luxuries

My luxurious organic 60g bar of soaps are the ideal best stepping stone to trying out the soap for the first time without having to purchase the fuller sized bars. There are 11 different soaps like their larger bars and just as excellent at ensuring the best care for your skin. While you think all the soaps are fantastic in their own way, you'll enjoy trying them all out to discover a favourite.

  • honey and oatmeal

  • honey and lemon

  • lavender

  • myrrh

  • frankincense

  • may chang and geranium

  • chamomile and lavender

  • goats milk

  • honey oatmeal and goats milk

  • bergamot and patchouli

  • patchouli and lemongrass

Each and every bar contains organic cold press carrier oils free from chemical extraction and excessive heat which destroys nearly all the health benefits from the minerals and vitamins; collagen supporting fatty acids and plant peptides.

You really are getting the best what nature has to offer and all natural fragrance from essential oils. And at Mary Jean I flatly refuse to use cheap inferior additives such as salt (a hardening agent), SLS surfactants and EDTA a questionable preservative when used in soap.

Thankfully you'll find my soaps are all natural. Smiles all round.

#2 Perfect for Guests staying Over

Nothing is more welcoming to your home for family and guests staying over than a personal thoughtful treat for them. Prepare your guest room in true homely spirit with a hand crafted bar of soap offering a very unique experience.

Every time your guest uses the soap a smile appears on their face because this is a genuine high quality product they'll appreciate.

Lifestyle choice of whole glycerine soaps handmade in the Scottish Highlands Scotland's premier soap manufacturer rich botanical carrier cold press crafted travel soap for camping and backpackers

Did you know? There are single bars of my 60g soap and also there are bundle value for money 4 packs for those who travel a lot and for camping and backpackers. Shop the bundles now.

Having some of the necessities and must have items will help make your guests feel comfortable and welcomed right from the start. And, you are sure to enjoy yourself putting together a welcoming pack of items that are not available in the high street retailers, making for a very enjoyable experience as your guest relax and unwind.

There are some excellent deals on my 60g soap for guest houses, bed and breakfast and hoteliers for trade. You only need to get in touch with your business details to learn how the Mary Jean soap can improve your guest stay.

#3 Excellent for Travel

It comes as no surprise that the hotel or resort you are holidaying at provides you and your family the worst possible mass produced toiletries that leave your skin dried out and itchy, with you questioning your decision to book there in the first place.

More often you are reminding yourself to take your own soap and wash with you, for your peace of mind if nothing more.

The secret is out. The best most ideal skincare product to take with you on your holiday (or even a short break) are multi-purpose, all natural and take up very little space. You have 11 different choices.

You care about the footprint you are leaving on the planet, you have sensitive skin and want something beneficial to sun burn. Keeping your skin in tip-top condition then, my 60g soap will help you get the job done without a lot of fuss or worry.

Just one bar of my soap replaces ― and makes up for ― the following products (usually packaged in plastic):

  • body wash

  • hand soap

  • face wash

  • cleanser

  • shampoo and shower gel

  • shaving cream and gel

  • dog shampoo

Simply wet the skin and soap, lather as appropriate and cleanse. Rinse and away you go and really good for the planet as the soap is biodegradable and non-toxic.

And remember. There are bundles available for those of you planning on a camping or glamping staycation this summer. Just one bundle of 4 soaps will last the entire break for a family (or group) of 5 or more. Excellent value for money and adding to your zero waste endeavour.

#4 Small Gifting Ideas

You love the soap from Mary Jean and I'm best pleased. So when it comes to introducing us to your friends and family, the 60g travel bars are ideally the best option. Affordable to your pocket and very practical as a small token gift idea either alone or combined with other items.

If you are looking for the soap to be wrapped in a certain way to your liking I am positive that can be arranged. Simply get in touch with your gift wrapping wants and needs.

#5 Hotels and Bed and Breakfast

With the increase in localised domestic travel due to COVID restrictions, many of you are seeking a richer, higher quality toiletry product that your guests will fall in love with. Catering specifically to the hotelier industry and in bulk amounts, you'll find the soap from Mary Jean meeting your needs.

Improving your returns and impressing your guests. That is key to your success as a hotel or B&B owner because your guests are expecting quality toiletries. Give them something that is cheap and mass produced then don't expect them to use it. In fact expect some complaints.

I complain all the time when I'm presented with rubbish soap and shower wash.

When you present high quality toiletries accessible to your paying guests for their personal use that makes them feel special. Taken care of and you've gone out your way to enhance their stay, which in turn will convey a more positive image about you and your establishment.

Still, both you and your guests will appreciate the convenience of my soap bars for their size, their skin health benefits, natural and pure handmade benefiting the environment in many ways.

No matter the size of your hotel or bed and breakfast facilities, having a high quality all natural bar of soap available is a nice touch and your guests will take it home with them. All in all, it is that little extra on your part provided your guests will remember and be sure to return again.

More than just Soap

All my bars of soap are handcrafted with natural cold press carrier oils, aromatherapy essential oils and clays, volcanic powders, honey and oats and fresh locally sourced goats milk.

Rich quality oils such as olive, apricot and jojoba blended with aloe vera as found in the chamomile and lavender soap. Each soap has been formulated for a very specific purpose or skin condition. You will find the chamomile and lavender, jojoba soap is ideal for ultra sensitive skin.

Baby soft skin in fact.

About 5 of the soaps have some palm oil and I've no intention of using palm in any future soap or product for that matter. What palm is used is sourced ethically, organic and is RSPO approved and certified. No tropical rainforest has bene destroyed for my palm.

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